Privacy Policy

Updated May 2016


Use of Cookies

Like almost all other websites in the world, this website uses tracking software to monitor visitor behaviour. This software (Google Analytics) saves a cookie to your device in order to track your usage of the website, but does not store, save or collect personal information of any kind. Google’s privacy policy is available here for further information: Cookies are small files saved to a user’s device that track, save and store information about that user’s interactions with a website. Users are advised that if they wish to block cookies from this website they should configure their web browser’s security settings appropriately.


Contact & Communication

Personal information provided when contacting us via this website is kept private. It is sent as email and is not stored on our web server. We do not collect email addresses for mailing lists etc unless provided to us for that express purpose.

Personal information provided when joining Slow Food Mildura or when booking for a Slow Food Mildura event is of course stored for the purposes of identifying and contacting you.

We do not pass personal information on to third parties, except where we may be required to do so by law.


External Links

This website includes links to external, third-party websites including social media websites which are beyond our control. While we take all due care in providing these links we cannot guarantee the accuracy, veracity or safety of the content found on any externally linked website.