School Kitchen Garden Grant Applications

Applications for our 2016 round of school kitchen garden grants are now closed. The 2017 round will open no earlier than Term 2 2017, so please check back next year, we’d love to hear from you!


Application Forms

School Kitchen Garden Program Grant Application (DOC format)

School Kitchen Garden Program Grant Application (PDF format)


Application guidelines

Deciding which schools most deserve a grant is always difficult as all schools are doing great things which deserve recognition and support. The criteria that make the most difference from our perspective are:

  • Program integrates both garden and kitchen components. We’re looking for a complete cycle where possible, where students grow, cook and eat their own food and compost their scraps!
  • Degree of support for the program within the school. Evidence could include an active garden management committee, dedicated kitchen and garden staff, significant numbers of classes, students and staff involved, substantial links to the wider school curriculum.
  • Community integration/involvement. Evidence could include family and community involvement in the kitchen garden program, program links to broader community (eg. via markets).
  • Clear and realistic educational goals for the kitchen garden program.
  • Cross-curricular integration of the kitchen garden program with the broader school curriculum.
  • Clear intended purpose for any grant funding. Ideally, specific items with costings and/or quotes.