Slow Salt Dinner

In addition to a spectacular menu featuring the best of local Sunraysia produce, guests at the Slow Salt Dinner in November 2016 can expect to dine in a spectacular Sunraysia setting: Murray River Salt’s production facility in Mourquong, New South Wales.

Designed by Stefano De Pieri, the Slow Salt Dinner is a feature of the Slow Food National Conference to be held in Mildura from November 17 to 20. The evening should prove to be a spectacular and unique event showcasing our beautiful semi-arid region to over 100 guests from Slow Food groups all over Australia.

Murray River Salt began producing premium gourmet salt flakes at the Mourquong site in 2000, utilising concentrated brine from the Morquong Salt Mitigation Basin located 13 kilometres northwest of Mildura in New South Wales. It is the unique combination of minerals found in the brine, the remains of an ancient inland sea, which give Murray River Salt its unique pink colour.

The images below were taken recently at the Mourquong site and provide some indication of the unique setting Slow Salt Dinner guests can expect. Bookings for the dinner are now open to the public on our website’s Conference registration page: