Sunraysia Local Food Future


Do you want to be part of the local food movement?

Do you care about what you and your family eat?

Do you want to know where your food comes from and how it is produced?

Are family-owned farms part of your future vision for our region?

If you answered yes to any of these questions please consider joining and supporting Sunraysia Local Food Future, a community movement to strengthen the local food economy in our region. It has grown out of the work of Slow Food Mildura and Healthy Together Mildura and unites a diverse team that includes local food retailers, chefs, growers and producers, teachers, young people, and members of Slow Food Mildura.

Sunraysia Local Food Future is supported through a partnership between Slow Food Mildura, the Open Food Foundation and Healthy Together Mildura and has begun as part of the Thrive initiative to drive healthy food access and support large scale change to local food systems across multiple Victorian communities. Thrive is funded by the Victorian government to support community-led food enterprises linking producers to consumers.

Your commitment and involvement can be as big or little as you can manage.

Connect with Sunraysia Local Food Future on Facebook or by email at

Sunraysia Local Food Future Phase 1 Progress Report