Workshop Events

slowpigSlow Pig

The Slow Pig workshop event is held each winter and commenced in 2013. We make our own sausages and salami in a traditional Calabrian style. Our pigs are sourced from small properties where they are looked after, we only use happy pigs! Every part of the pig is utilised in a great traditional example of nose-to-tail eating.

Slow Pig 2013

slowoliveSlow Olive

The Slow Olive workshop event is held in late autumn and commenced in 2014. Our first crop was harvested from historic olive trees at Old Mildura Homestead, which produced olive oil bursting with flavour, pressed locally by Cardross Olives. In 2015, we harvested olives from Bawden’s Farm in Mildura and pressed them in Robinvale.

Slow Olive 2015


slowtomatoSlow Tomato

The Slow Tomato workshop event is held in autumn and commenced in 2014. Like most of our workshop events, Slow Tomato connects us with local Italian traditions in the making and bottling of traditional Italian tomato sauce (passata). This was and still is a healthy and environmentally friendly traditional manner of preparing and preserving food that does not rely on chemicals or refrigeration.

Slow Tomato 2015

slowbeerSlow Beer

In 2016 we made our first Slow Beer as part of our Festa della Vendemmia event. This wheat beer was brewed at Mildura Brewery in the “Gose” style, and featured a selection of local flavours including foraged herbs (saltbush, samphire), Murray River salt and lemons.

Slow Beer 2016

slowwineSlow Wine

In 2016 we also made two wines as part of our Festa della Vendemmia event, a Fiano and a Nero d’Avola rosato. The wines were made at the Chalmers Wine vineyard in Merbein near Mildura, in a workshop based on the innovative #bucketwine event offered by Chalmers. The wines were made from freshly picked grapes using natural yeasts and minimal sulphur.

Slow Wine 2016