About Us

saltcrewSlow Food Mildura is a not-for-profit community group based in Mildura, Victoria, in south-east Australia. We are run by volunteers and generate all of our funds through our annual events, with a small amount coming from memberships.

We work in the Sunraysia region where the Murray and Darling Rivers meet. This area is the traditional land and water country of the Barkindji, Latje Latje and Kureinji peoples and was an important meeting area for many Aboriginal groups.

Slow Food Mildura is a convivium of Slow Food International, who are based in Italy.

We adhere to the good, clean, fair philosophy of Slow Food International:

  • Good – everyone has the right to enjoy good quality and good tasting food.
  • Clean – food should be produced with minimal impact on the environment.
  • Fair – growers and producers should be rewarded fairly.

Slow Food Mildura work to support and promote local growers and producers.

We undertake food education and support food education progams in the Sunraysia region.

We support and are supported by groups and businesses in our region who share our philosophy, including the Sunraysia Farmers Market and Sunraysia Fruit and Veggie Swap.